By: Michael Haith, Chairman of Restaurant Sherpas

Michael Haith, the developer of multiple, large franchise systems, claims to have developed a restaurant franchise that is one of the best investments in franchising for absentee investors. In conjunction with the Development of Restaurant Sherpas, a management franchise specifically developed to work with absentee franchise investors, Haith contends investors can purchase a Teriyaki Madness franchise and reap healthy returns on their Investment without lifting a finger.

Haith’s tenure in franchising goes back over 25 years, and he has seen many concepts come and go. He knew when he found Teriyaki Madness that he had found what he had been searching for his entire career. Haith had been searching for the perfect business that had the superior quarterly profits AND the outstanding appreciation of assets that could serve absentee franchise owners. It took the discovery of Teriyaki Madness with best-in-class profitability that could support a management company and still provide
exceptional returns for the passive investor.

“There really is no ‘secret sauce’ here.” Said Haith “Once we proved a business model with reasonable investment levels and proved it worked well nationwide, we simply expanded our management team operating our corporate shops to manage franchisee’s shops also. With a business model that has great margin, it was just a matter of developing a mutually beneficial structure with our franchisees to cover TMAD’s expenses while providing great returns for the investor-franchisees.

Restaurant Sherpas was designed to aid rapid expansion of TMAD through investors who recognize the financial appeal of a leader in the food franchise space, but don’t want to work in a restaurant. The returns provided through an investment in Teriyaki Madness and operated by Restaurant Sherpas is unique. With the forecast of reduced capital costs provided by a recessionary economy, they expect
growth to accelerate at an even more rapid pace as TMAD franchise owners quickly snap up deals.

Haith’s vision entails keeping it simple. Restaurant Sherpas experienced management team manages everything for the passive investor allowing for the investor to be involved as much or as little as they want. “Most investors would rather focus on building the next locations than manage the restaurant.” Says Haith.

With over a dozen franchisees already involved with the program nationwide, Restaurant Sherpas and Teriyaki Madness are poised for explosive growth. “The opportunities in the restaurant space post- Covid is extremely exciting. Landlords are much more approachable, and fully equipped restaurants are waiting for new tenants and Teriyaki Madness is thriving. Having a robust technology platform and one of the best third-party delivery and pick-up programs in the Fast Casual industry, TMAD was perfectly positioned for the Covid crisis. Both the Teriyaki Shops of franchise owners as well as those operated by Restaurant Sherpas came through this crisis well positioned to care for an expanded customer base well into the future.” Says Haith.

With an almost certain recession on the horizon, the entire TMAD community is expecting great growth. In the last Great Recession, their shops thrived as consumers traded down from Casual Dining to Fast Casual yet wanted something a bit more ‘exotic’ than what they could make at home. Haith is enthusiastic about the challenges facing his industry and the country over the next few years. “Sales in our shops have never seen such a great jump as we did in the last recession and we have never looked back! With the support of Restaurant Sherpas, the future looks pretty darned bright!”



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