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Bob Kraft, Chairman and CEO of FirstPathway Partners, explains why their regional center ultimately chose to work with Restaurant Sherpas.


Hear GloboFran talk about Restaurant Sherpas resources, training and more. This is in Spanish; subtitles coming soon.

“There are several key factors that went into play when selecting the franchise that we wanted to use for our flagship investor visa program: Great franchise concept, an outstanding franchise operator, and especially someone that’s able to walk the talk! In TMAD and Restaurant Sherpas we found that and much more. We found a partner that we could trust and that provides answers even before we ask the questions. They have the executive team that backs up their brand promise, and have continued to bring A players to an already outstanding cast. We have been able to develop a process of communications between ourselves, the customers and Restaurant Sherpas that is transparent and accountable. There is an alignment in the performance indicators that are measured in the day to day operations and the profit-focused needs of our customers. In our first store located in Union Station Downtown Denver Restaurant Sherpas has proven to they know their business, and have put a team in place with many years of experience in the business. They take care of all the activities that need to get done in every phase of the project (from real estate/construction to weekly shop inventory and managing labor hours/wages), and make decisions that are in the best interest of our customers… as if they were there (actually A LOT better!). The job they have done during the COVID-19 pandemic has been superb, getting performance metrics similar to pre-COVID-19 numbers even though the shops have not reopened dine-in, which by itself says everything anybody needs to know. We have already placed customers in 2 shops, and are working on many more.”

– Ramses Gonzalez, Globofran


“Teaming with Restaurant Sherpas during the development of our Teriyaki Madness shops has been a great experience.  We can focus on what we do best knowing that Sherpas is available to guide us and support us in the areas where we need help the most.  Even in these most difficult times as the country deals with a world-wide pandemic, Restaurant Sherpas doesn’t miss a beat.  They are available on a daily basis to help us move the development of our restaurants forward.  Seeing them perform in this environment gives us the confidence to know that they will excel at running our shops when life gets back to some sort of normalcy.  We look forward to a long, productive relationship with Restaurant Sherpas.”

– John Widmer, FirstPathway Partners


“Entering the exciting world of franchise development and ownership always seemed like something that was out of reach for us, that is until we met the team at Restaurant Sherpas.  It seemed like the world of franchising was structured for those who wanted a day-to-day role in the business, but the Michael Haith and the team at Teriyaki Madness introduced us to Restaurant Sherpas and we finally had the missing piece accomplish our goals.  Bobby Shaw and his group at Sherpas has been fantastic to work with.  From site selection, development, and permitting; to hiring and getting ready to open our first restaurant, Bobby and the Sherpas have not missed a beat.  Bobby’s history with restaurants and his understanding of this industry has made us comfortable with our path forward and has given us a clear path to our future success.  We are confident that the Sherpa model will help us succeed with our current restaurants and the additional ones we now have the time to develop with Bobby and the Sherpa’s help.”

– Dan Wycklendt, FirstPathway Partners

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