Management Company
Wondering how the restaurant management company works? Or what Restaurant Sherpas main responsibilities are? Check out the most frequently asked questions and learn more about Restaurant Sherpas!

What is Restaurant Sherpas?

Restaurant Sherpas is a management company that provides hands on leadership for semi-absentee and absentee owner franchisees of Teriyaki Madness, including visa holders, landlords, investors and more!


  • Real Estate Review
  • Construction Oversight
  • Marketing
  • Hiring & Training
  • Managing
  • Communication
  • Reporting

Is there a required term of how long you have to commit to Restaurant Sherpas?

There is a one-year commitment, renewable annually, to use Restaurant Sherpas. If you decide you no longer want to use Sherpas at the end of the year, you just need to give us 60-days written notice.

Are there benchmarks and analytics so the franchisees can see how their business is doing? 

Teriyaki Madness is best in the business with creating benchmarks for the franchisees. We send out weekly and monthly reports.

Learn more on the Restaurant Sherpas FAQ page! >>


Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, June 3rd at 12pm MST to learn more about Restaurant Sherpas and how it can help your investor visa clients run their Teriyaki Madness!

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