Gallagher uses Restaurant Sherpas

When Jeff’s coffee shop tenant had to close their doors due to COVID, he was left with a 2,000sq ft Sacramento space and no one to pay rent.

That’s when he discovered Teriyaki Madness. The fast-casual model made sense for his area and partnering with Restaurant Sherpas took the work out of opening a new shop.

“I could go six months not receiving any rent or use that six months to myself and get something that I think would just be a better, long-term, more profitable fit for the space.”      – Jeff Gallagher

Now, with Sherpas running the shop, Jeff can focus on his other work like managing his rice farm (what a coincidence!). And he expects the business to be a success in his local community.

The only thing Jeff has to figure out is if he wants to call himself a landlord, tenant, or franchisee. But that seems like a great problem to have.





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