Globofran is an expert in US immigration investments and works alongside investors and their families to help them find the right opportunity to generate income and create a path to migrate to the United States. They have supported and worked with over 530 families on their journey to business ownership in the US with their investor visa program.

There are several key factors that contributed to Globofran selecting the franchise that they wanted to use for their flagship investor visa program; a great franchise concept, an outstanding franchise operator, and specially an organization that had the people to execute on the vision. In Teriyaki Madness and Restaurant Sherpas they found that and much more. They found a partner that they could trust and that provides answers even before a question is asked. They have an executive team that backs up their brand promise and have continued to bring talented players to an already outstanding cast.

Working together Globofran and Restaurant Sherpas have been able to develop a process of communications is robust, transparent and ensures accountability for results. There is an alignment in the performance indicators that are measured in the day to day operations and the profit-focused needs of their investors. Sherpas takes care of all the activities that need to get done in every phase of the project from site selection, construction oversight, marketing, recruiting, hiring and training the staff as well as the day to day operations of the shop.

Ramses Gonzalez from Globofran says about their experience with Sherpas, “The job Restaurant Sherpas and Teriyaki Madness has done during the COVID-19 pandemic has been superb, getting performance metrics similar to pre-COVID-19 numbers even though the shops have not reopened dine-in operations, which by itself says everything anybody needs to know. We have already placed customers in 2 shops and are working on many more.”

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